Judith Marshall Interviews Tim Turner

Judith Marshall: Today, I’d like to welcome Tim Turner, author of Questions – Directions to Who You Are.

JM: Where are you from?  

Time Turner" Born and raised in North Dakota – Currently living in sunny San Diego.

JM: What’s your latest news? 

TT: My book was #1 – Won the National Indie Excellence Award, 2011, for Inspirational Book of The Year.

JM: When did you start writing? 

TT: When I was eight – the reason – had to let my feelings out and put them down on paper.

JM: Is there a message in my book? 

TT: Yes!  Live your life according to You!  Get your priorities and values in the proper order and have a great day – everyday!!

JJ: What are your current projects? 

TT: Just completed a new dust cover and an audio book is in production.

JM: What was the hardest part of writing your book? 

TT: Not the writing for me – the inaccessibility of the book publishers, agents and distribution company’s as it relates to helping self published writers.  There’s the old way and the new way – neither seems to have much time for self published writers.

Self published writers need to band together – to get some power.  I’m working on that.

JM: What was the most surprising thing you learned from creating your book?  

TT: I’m surprised by the number of people who really do need direction to find who they are and why.  The world seems to be changing so rapidly – most people say that they’re just fine with all the changes, but when you really get down to it – they’re really not – and are looking for a way to put the simple things back into some part of each day.

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