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It is thought provoking, paradigm shifting, regret building and hope kindling.

This book can be read in a few hours, but will last a lifetime. You can read it in a few hours, but don't. Muse over it, chew on it, talk about it with someone you love.

And, like Chinese Food, you'll can fill up quickly, BUT in a couple of hours, you'll be hungry again.

Just by thinking about the things Tim touches on in this book, you will be a better friend, a better parent, business person, better lover and ... happier.

- Bill Yeend, KOMO Radio, Seattle, Wa.


This book not only answers questions, it gets you to ask the questions that remind you of what truly is important in your life. The first time I used this book my instinct was to ask a question and then open the book randomly to receive the answer to that question. It works every time! I use "Questions" as a daily guidance to every days questions. Try it, you may be surprised by the answers.
Pamela Gremmels Owner of Kindred Journeys Bookstore, Oceanside, CA
I was fortunate to receive a signed copy and it extremely thought provoking. Very interesting. It's taking awhile to read it through as I tend to re-read each page. I get something out of it each time. I will continue to recommend to friends.
Shirley Phillips, Waterville, WA
"Questions" is an apt title; it directs you to question what is and is not important in your life. This is not a "how to" book"; instead it offers opportunities. Opportunities to "seize the day". Opportunities to embrace your strengths and act upon them. "Inspirational" is much over-used term today. But Tim's book is a bit of inspiration that I found most welcome.
Eric Peterson, Bellevue, WA
I have found the book, Questions, to be insightful, thought-provoking, yet whimsical. It makes me think, feel, and smile. It's truly a book that can help me discover and create direction in my life.
Sherri Faye, Artist and Writer, Minneapolis, MN
What a wonderful, thoughtful book. Chuck full of soulful, heartfelt, life relatable reflections. It conjures up ways of "BEING" present, purposeful and in alignment with oneself. Thanks Tim for this engaging experience of ?'s.
Kelly Berger, Del Mar, CA
When I have a quiet moment, I like to pick up "Questions" and spend a moment reflecting on one of the tidbits of wisdom. I use it as a motivator to get back at things and do the best I can. This is a great book to have on my coffee table - I love sharing it with friends.
Mary Casner, Escondido, CA
I agree wholeheartedly with all of the other reviews. In this hectic world we live in it's refreshing to be able to turn to any page in this book and find observations that apply to one's own life and life in general. I will recommend this book to everyone in my life. Thanks for your perseverance,Tim. I grew up on the plains of North Dakota and understand about space to think so this book really does hit home!!
Dervin Wallin, Noonan, North Dakota
Life can be so hectic and when I had a moment to sit and read "Questions" I found myself wanting to read the next insight and then the next. I particulary liked the section on Home and the thought and clarity that went into the observations. There is something everyone could get out of this book.
Deborah J., Bellevue, WA
I really found the book very thought provoking. Very well done Tim! Thank you for sharing this book with us.
John Pape, El Cajon CA
Dear Tim, Thank you so much for retrieving that manuscript you wrote so many years ago and publishing it into the beautiful book, "Questions". It is a true labor of love and a work of art. My first intention was to only read a few pages, and then contemplate on their content. Before I knew it, I had read to page 80. Each "question" spoke to me, not only of written word, but of the beauty of the print, the colors used, down to the fine detail to the edging around the page numbers. I found myself not only reading and rereading several of the pages but actually running my hands over the words to feel even more meaning. My favorite, so far, is "Kingdom". I love the use of "lines:- as in "laugh lines". headlines, and deadlines, etc- this is true poetry of spoken and unspoken word. I have felt inspired, remembering times in my own life I can relate your words to. Thank you for such a treasure. I know I will read and gain strength from the pages, at times when I need encouragement. Friends always....Barb
Barb, Seattle, Wa
"Questions" is a mirror, an opportunity to spend a few minutes - or an hour - reflecting on myself and my world. I find it fascinating that we each could read the same page and take away a different gift. I glean additional insights as I reread pages a week or month later. This is a book to savor.
Wendy Jolley-Kabi, Alexandria, VA
The book Questions is a thoughtful reflection of soulful text. It generates new questions to ponder.
Andrew, Mil Creek, WA
This book is AMAZING...It is a great way to stay centered and focused on you goals and purpose in life. I gifted a copy to my sister who has been going thru some challenges...She keeps it close by when she needs inspiration and positive feedback. "Thank You" Tim for this uplifting book!
Gina Watson, Encinitas, CA 92024
A quick hit of inspiration or a relaxed space to sink into... this book works either way for me.
Mark, Lakeside, CA
In a digital world with limitless (sometimes mind-numbing) sources of information and entertainment, QUESTIONS masterfully cuts through the clutter and gives the reader pleasant jabs of spiritual validation and growth. Regardless of how complicated our days might be, QUESTIONS reduces the most meaningful issues in our lives to comforting simplicity.
Jeff Wilson, Cleveland, Ohio
Questions was a best seller at Casa Blanca. All of our clients loved the book so much that many of them purchased one for friends and relatives.
Casa Blanca, Rancho Santa Fe
When I first read Questions the Book, I found myself rereading each page and learning more about myself each time. The further you read through the book, the deeper the meaning and insight becomes. I really enjoyed the book….then I got the CD. Wow! I leave it in my car and play it while driving around. I uploaded it to my iPhone and listen while I am on a walk. I really enjoy the freedom of experiencing the outdoors while listening to the book set to music. My favorites are Think, Look, and of course, Smile. Great job, Tim!
Alan J Salvi DDS, Escondido, CA
One book and CD you'll always keep by your side. I thought the CD was extremely creative with the blend of music and message. Bill Cliff
Bill Cliff, Coeur D'Alene Idaho
I found the book to be a real inspiration. Each question provides thought provoking introspection. You did an excellent job writing this book.
Sam Jones, San Diego CA

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