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Questions The CD


1. Questions
2. Introduction
3. Dark
4. Silent
5. Today
6. Do
7. Learn
8. Long
9. True
10. Look
11. Picture
12. Fear
13. Noise
14. Failure
15. Damn
16. Believe
17. Ability
18. Think
19. Smile
20. Dream
21. You

Imagine for a moment that you’re surrounded by nothing but pure darkness.

You together with a small group of people – Alone,

Then, through that darkness, a voice tells you, and the others,

that this is your new “Very First Day.”

Today each of you will have a chance to ask one question.

But each question can be no longer than one word.

You each may speak one word – your question.

From time to time we all have a dark day.

We all have questions.

We all need to refocus on our values and our priorities.

This CD contains the first 18 questions – the first 18 words – the first 18 answers.

Complete with innovative background music and original songs, produced by Mark Charles Hattersley, the audio adaptation of “Questions – Directions To Who You Are” invites you to discover your own level of beingness and live your life according to You.
Bring magic to your moment-to-moment experiences. Listen to and contemplate the authentic You and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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