About the Author

Tim TurnerTim W. Turner was born and raised in North Dakota.  About North Dakota he says “North Dakota was a great place to grow up – seems everything that was happening in the world was happening at a distance – it gave me the time and the space to make my own decisions on who I was and why”.

Tim has lived in many parts of the U.S. – In North Dakota, Minnesota, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Idaho, Washington and California and spent a brief time in Kansas with his best friend Steve Harper.

Tim worked as a writer in the U.S. military, spent several years in the entertainment management and recording industry and devoted many years working in broadcast advertising and sports marketing.

It was while working as a record promotion manager Tim co-wrote a rock musical with the title “Darkness” – Now, 30 years later, from that origional concept comes Questions-Directions To Who You Are.

In Tim’s words – “I hope Questions makes you think of what’s best for you – and what’s best for those you care about”  “I hope it makes your life better somehow – that it makes you laugh and smile more than you would have if you did not have it”  “I hope it makes the precious time you have here more enjoyable – and that you feel a great sense of satisfaction because you did some little thing that you might not have done without the book”.  “I don’t think Questions will teach you anything you don’t already know – but I hope it will remind you the of the important things that you do know – in a busy world  we all need to be reminded of those things that have real value”.

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