Get Your Values And Priorities In The Proper Order


Live Your Life According To You


Have A Great Day - Every Day!


Questions - The Book - It's a reflection on life - for you, your life. What's important to you - what are the things you need to do - what are the things you need to do again?

Questions will not necessarily teach you anything you don't already know, but it can serve as a daily reminder of the things you do know.

Questions will help you to set your priorities and to organize your life according to you.

Questions should help you to think clearly - in spite of the distractions around you.

Questions will remind you of happenings in your life - of times that were good and of the rough spots that you made it through - of places that you've been - of those individuals you met along your way.

Questions will remind you of your values - of what's important to you - and of some things you might want to do to embrace those values.

Questions will help you fill each day of your life with as much of the "good stuff" as you can - it will help you bring "you" into focus.

Questions will provide you with a lifetime partner - a reference book to help you get refocused when you need to - to see the reasons for many things more clearly - a place to go back to now and then - it will provide you with direction when you need it - a sense of purpose - a justification for each of the little things that make up the bigness of you.

Questions will cause you to think about the future, to reflect on the past, to put your arms around today - and to smile.

"Questions - Directions To Who You Are" can be your lifelong companion, again not necessarily teaching you anything you don't already know, but serving as a daily reminder of where you've been, where you're going and why, of your real values and aspirations and of the greatness of the person known as You.


Winner - Inspirational book the year 2011

Indie Excellence

Winner: Inspirational - 2013 Beverly Hill Book Awards

Winner Beverly Hill Book Awards

Award Winning Finalist 2012 International Book Awards

IBA Finalist

Honorable Mention: Spirituality - 2013 Paris Book Festival

Paris Book Award

2013 Royal Dragonfly Book Award

Royal Dragonfly Book Award 1st Place

Durango Songwriters Expo

Song Contest Winner - You

2013 Finalist - Eric Hoffer Awards

2013 Finalist - Eric Hoffer Awards

Hollywood Book Festival - 2nd place 2018

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